Pure Passionate & Provocative

Enter the world of Adams Apples and let him take you on a tour through the wonders and ingredients that nature has to offer, Let Adam show your the simple techniques and recipies to make you become your own Culinary Master and impress all your friends and loved ones. . . ENJOY!

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Your complete A to Z of Spices

How often do you stand in the supermarket thinking. . "What would i do with this wall of spices?" Dont worry you're not alone, I will take you through all you need to know, all the little handy do's and dont's when it comes to using the spices of the worlds

Make it Happen!

"Do something" one of the most simplisitc & powerful sayings. Dont be scared to cook, embrace all that the world has to offer. Come along on the journey and learn things about yourself while creating exciting masterpieces. Click this link to Be inspired by the basics and then see what happens next!

Does anyone like Dessert?

To my favourite part of any meal, It's the lasting impression an amazing dessert makes that defines a true Pastry Chef. Think back to the last memorable dessert you had... how long ago was that? I'll teach you to create these amazing desserts to leave your OWN lasting impression!

Menu of the WEEK!

This is where you can send in your VERY OWN Menu, each week we will put them up for the world to see your INSPIRING creations. Dont be shy and just experiment! that's how most genius is created ;)

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